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In our dedicated MAC, iPHONE and iPAD sections you’ll find helpful how-tos, app and kit reviews and stuff to help you be able to solve some troubleshooting issues yourself.
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We’re chuffed that people have made some very nice comments about us so, even though we don’t usually care to blow our own trumpet, we thought we’d share a few TESTIMONIALS with you.

Make things auto-open at login

Dock showing menu to set up auto-open at login

Having your frequently-used apps, files, folders and even external hard drives open at login can save time and clicks, especially if you get frequent power cuts or like to turn your Mac off at night.

How do I delete the Stocks app on my iPhone?

Stocks app banished to a far off screen.

The quick answer is that you can't. But you can banish it to the iOS equivalent of Siberia...

Pixelmator for iPad

Pixelmator for iPad showing one of the menus.

I've been a great fan (and a constant user) of Pixemator for Mac for many years. The version specifically developed for the iPad (and iOS 8) has not been a disappointment...

Apple Music is launched! But I can’t sign-up?!

Apple Music black and white logo

Apple Music is launched today!

Lots of excited people who were eager to try Apple Music, much anticipated and launched today, are receiving disappointing error messages when they try to sign-up to the free trial...