Pixelmator for Mac


Pixelmator for Mac is not supposed to be a replacement for Adobe Photoshop; although for many of us it’s the only Mac image-editing app we’ll ever need.

Nabokov would have surely preferred Macs


One of my favourite authors is the extraordinary Vladimir Nabokov (1899 – 1977) author, of course, of ‘Lolita’, which brought him fame and fortune but was not, by far, his best work. Whilst investigating his aversion to Freud recently (something I enthusiastically share), I came across this (on a Nabokovian forum) and, for obvious reasons, [...]

Apple Music: I can’t sign up for an account!

Apple Music black and white logo

Lots of excited people who were eager to try Apple Music, much anticipated and launched today, are receiving disappointing error messages when they try to sign-up to the free trial…

Apple Watch app can’t be removed!

The Apple Watch App open and ready to pair with an Apple Watch.

Just like the Stocks app, Apple thinks we should have the Watch app whether we like it or not!

Apple Watch is here!

The Apple Watch shown in both sizes.

It came as no surprise to most of us that the Apple Watch was announced at yesterday’s Special Event, ‘Spring forward’. But did you guess the price of the limited edition model Apple Watch Edition?