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New emojis coming in iOS 8.3

At last! Emoji for the iMac, iPhone 6, iWatch and more are arriving with the release of iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.3: performance improvements

Apple's OS 8 logo.

iOS 8.2 isn’t here yet. But already there’s much debate about the forthcoming 8.3 beta which will be a much more major update and could be good for those of us with older phones.

Master Your Mac is back!

After having been away for a little longer than anticipated, Master Your Mac is back!

Auto-open at login

Dock showing menu to set up auto-open at login

Having your frequently-used apps, files, folders and even external hard drives open at login can save time and clicks, especially if you get frequent power cuts or like to turn your Mac off at night.

Pixelmator iPad doesn’t disappoint

Pixelmator for iPad showing one of the menus.

I’ve been a great fan (and a constant user) of Pixemator for Mac for many years. The version specifically developed for the iPad (and iOS 8) has not been a disappointment…