Nobody can deny the superior aesthetics and ergonomics of iPhones. What’s at their heart – the iOS – is equally exceptional. Like OS X, each new iOS release brings exciting innovations that can make us think ‘Wow!’, but leave us wondering ‘How?’. You’ll find tips and tricks to enlighten you here, along with assistance with troubleshooting and reviews of must-have apps. There is also a line-up of impressive kit that will make using your iPhone an even more satisfying experience.

Stocks app: How to delete it!

Stocks app banished to a far off screen.

The quick answer is that you can’t. But you can banish it to the iOS equivalent of Siberia…

Capital letters on iPhone & iPad

iPhone screen showing text in full capitals.

These days, typing in capital letters is considered the equivalent of shouting. But there are times when you want to use caps – for the title of an essay, perhaps, or for emphasis. So, how do you do it?

iPhone 6 Plus Silicone Case – Is it worth the money?

Apple's silicone case for iPhone 6 Plus in an array of colours

I’ve always bought third-party cases for my iPhones, but when I got my iPhone 6 + last month there was very little immediately available so I went for Apple’s own silicone case. And I’m very glad I did.