iPhone Accessories

There will come a time – usually just after you’ve unboxed your iPhone and turned it on! – when you start wanting to dress it up in and buy stuff to enhance its capabilities. Firstly you’ll want a case to protect it and keep it scratch-free, and as you’re Googling for that you’ll come across a vast array of sometimes weird and often wonderful stuff to help you do anything – from conserving your battery, to taking hands-free selfies up trees. Here’s some of our favourite kit.

iPhone 6 Plus Silicone Case – Is it worth the money?

Apple's silicone case for iPhone 6 Plus in an array of colours

I’ve always bought third-party cases for my iPhones, but when I got my iPhone 6 + last month there was very little immediately available so I went for Apple’s own silicone case. And I’m very glad I did.