Apps you won\’t want to zap!

Macs come with some very nifty, handsome apps built into OS X; apps that you’ll need for everyday tasks, creativity and productivity. But you’ll want more… Just as well, then, that there’s a great choice of third-party apps out there – all made on Macs, for Macs, by people who love Macs. Here are some of Master Your Mac’s favourite apps – including Apple’s own; apps that we use every day and that are our own must-haves.

Pixelmator for Mac


Pixelmator for Mac is not supposed to be a replacement for Adobe Photoshop; although for many of us it’s the only Mac image-editing app we’ll ever need.

DesignaKnit8 (for Windows!)

The DesignaKnit 8 Splash Screen

If you love designing knitwear DesignaKnit 8 is the best software there is. You might just think it’s a good reason to install Windows on your Mac…

AppZapper – the uninstaller Apple forgot!

Screenshot showing how AppZapper zaps apps!

Dragging unwanted apps to the Trash to get rid of them leaves behind hidden files that will eventually take up lots of space on your Mac. There are plenty of app uninstallers to help you do the job properly. AppZapper 1 was always my favourite. AppZapper 2 is even better and is still the best of the bunch.