Ghost in the Machine?

Sometimes even Macs misbehave. Just like you, me and everything else on Earth. Usually it’s when you’re in the middle of something very urgent or crucial to the rest of your existence. Or so it might seem. Take a deep breath and restart your Mac. A simple reboot can sometimes sort out all manner of issues. If that\’s a fail, though, we hope you might find an answer here. If you live in Oxfordshire (or its environs) click here to see what solutions we can offer you, or contact us for a chat. We\’d really like to help!

Disk stuck in Superdrive

Eject button on Mac Screen

If you’ve tried various ways to get a stuck disk out of your Superdrive this method might well be your salvation, especially if the disk hasn’t mounted and your Mac doesn’t even seem to know it exists…

Mac’s Superdrive won’t read DVDs (or CDs)

Macbook Pro Superdrive

If your Superdrive won’t read disks – and you’re sure the disks are not the problem – you might find this little trick of help.

iTunes Match 4001 error

Shot of Apples ITunes Match info on Apple's site.

If you’ve been getting error codes such as 4001 and 4002 whilst trying to use iTunes Match, here’s a possible solution for you.