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OS X: The best OS on Earth…

OS X is surely the most beautiful, avant garde operating system on planet Earth. Much more than a pretty face, OS X is designed to make whatever you\’re doing pleasurable. Each incarnation of OS X introduces innovative new features. Yosemite has more than its fair share and you\’ll want to get up to speed on these quickly. This section of Master Your Mac will help you do just that. Oh, and don\’t worry if you have a previous version of OS X: there\’s still help here for those who have yet to upgrade.

Auto-open at login

Dock showing menu to set up auto-open at login

Having your frequently-used apps, files, folders and even external hard drives open at login can save time and clicks, especially if you get frequent power cuts or like to turn your Mac off at night.

Using Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless with your Mac

Harman Kardon SoundSticks with woofer.

Setting up your Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless with your Mac is quite straightforward, but if you haven’t done it before you may need a little guidance. So here it is!

Menu bar showing Bluetooth shortcut.

Checking your Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse or Trackpad’s battery levels without going into System Prefs is a doddle if you have a Bluetooth shortcut in your Menu Bar.

How to put a Bluetooth shortcut into your menu bar

Why not save yourself a trip or two to System Preferences by putting a Bluetooth shortcut up on your Mac’s Menu Bar?