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Some people are crazy about classic cars. Others are dazzled by diamonds. Us? We\’re M-A-D about Macs! We love to share OS X tips and tricks, our favourite Mac apps and Mac kit, and anything else we can find that\’s made to make your Mac even more marvellous. So whether this is your first Mac, or you\’ve been using them from the start, you\’re bound to find something here to help you augment your skills, enrich your Mac experience, or help you troubleshoot issues.

Disk stuck in Superdrive and it’s not mounted on the Desktop!

Eject button on Mac Screen

If you’ve tried various ways to get a stuck disk out of your Superdrive this method might well be your salvation, especially if the disk hasn’t mounted and your Mac doesn’t even seem to know it exists…

Interface Lift: Home of beautiful wallpaper for your Mac

Interface Lift's Home Page

Here are two ways to download desktop wallpaper from Interface Lift, our favourite place to get high-quality, beautiful photos to adorn your Mac.

Mac’s Superdrive won’t read DVDs (or CDs)

Macbook Pro Superdrive

If your Superdrive won’t read disks – and you’re sure the disks are not the problem – you might find this little trick of help.

Menu bar showing Bluetooth shortcut.

Checking your Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse or Trackpad’s battery levels without going into System Prefs is a doddle if you have a Bluetooth shortcut in your Menu Bar.

How to put a Bluetooth shortcut into your menu bar

Why not save yourself a trip or two to System Preferences by putting a Bluetooth shortcut up on your Mac’s Menu Bar?