Help & support

Got yourself a shiny new Mac (or iPhone/iPad) and need to get it set-up? Need to transfer your precious stuff from your old Mac to your new one? Slow Mac? Misbehaving Mac? Master Your Mac can help!

Your new Mac

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About to buy a Mac? It can be tedious setting it up. Let alone time consuming! Why not have Master Your Mac do it for you? We can do just the basics, or, alternatively, the whole thing including getting you online and installing your kit and software. We can set up and synchronise your iPhone and iPad to work harmoniously with your Mac, too. Not to mention safely transferring all your photos, emails and other stuff to your shiny new machine, making the transition safe and seamless. For help & support, contact us.

Your new iPhone/iPad

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Setting up your first ever iPhone or iPad can be tricky. We can help you with that. Moving all your apps, photos, music and other stuff to a new device and making sure everything’s in sync. is even trickier! At Master Your Mac we actually enjoy setting up iPhones/iPads and ensuring they work harmoniously with their owner’s stuff. Let us do it for you! Just email or call us to discuss your requirements.

Your misbehaving Mac

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Whilst Macs are notoriously reliable, like everything else, they sometimes start playing- up and can drive you mad. Instead of fiddling around for hours ‘in the dark’ give Master Your Mac a call! Often we’re able to talk existing clients through solving common glitches over the ‘phone. For new clients and more complex issues, we can decide upon the best way forward, together. Then we’ll arrange to get your Mac back on track for you as soon as possible. To learn more, contact us!.