Stump: the stand that knows all the angles

Stump showing iPad resting at three different angles.
Updated: 22nd January 2015

I have often yearned for a Stump that would sit securely and comfortably on my lap, so I can surf and answer mail whilst I’m sitting on the sofa or am propped up in bed having tea and toast. Well, my wishes have come true! A Stump that fits the bill perfectly is due out at the end of January 2015. I hope they will be available in the UK! Have a look at them here:

Stump Stand is the traffic cone of device stands. Its simple, clever design has made it a best-seller in a very competitive field because it’s portable, practical and does its job brilliantly with no frills straight out of the box. Whether you’re following a recipe in the kitchen, watching TV in bed or using your iPad with a paired keyboard, Stump Stand knows all the angles. It’s compatible with all iPads to date (or any device less than a half-inch thick) as well as all iPhones (except for the original one).

iPhone 6 in Stump Stands of different colours.

Stump is available in a range of colours, some of which are not shown here.

This versatility means you don’t need to buy a new Stump Stand each time you update your devices. At £19.95 though, and in a variety of colours, you might want several.

Stumps are rubbery to the touch so can’t hurt your iPad and can be wiped with a damp cloth if they get dusty. They are weighted, with a coated underside, so they won’t slip and slide around your desk or worktop. They’re not heavy, though. I pop one in my bag when I take my iPad out. If you have an Apple Smart Cover on your iPad you don’t have to take it off to use it with a Stump. You can keep your Apple silicone iPhone case on, too.

The only thing I don’t feel secure doing with my Stump is putting it on my lap. Apart from that, Stump is Master Your Mac’s favourite stand for both iPad and iPhone and we use them lots.

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