Stream audio from iPad to Harman Kardon SoundSticks

Harman Kardon SoundSticks Bluetooth emitting a blue glow.

You’ve set up your Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless with your Mac and they’re sounding great. (If you need help doing that, read my post here). Now you want to stream audio to them from your iPad or iPhone. It’s quick and painless to set it up, but the instructions that came with the SoundSticks weren’t exactly loaded with detail, and have nothing about how to stream audio from your iPad at all. Fear not. Let’s get to it.

Firstly, make sure you disconnect the Soundsticks from your Mac so that you can pair them with your iPad instead so that it can stream audio to them instead of ‘taking orders’ from your Mac. To do this, go to , System Preferences, Bluetooth. Right click on the SoundSticks and disconnect them from the pop-up menu. Don’t click the little X that comes up whilst you’re doing that, or you will unpair them completely. You want to disconnect them, not unpair them, so you can easily reconnect them to your Mac later.

Bluetooth preference pane.
Disconnect your SoundSticks in Bluetooth preferences before you pair them with your iPad to stream audio.

If you have a Bluetooth shortcut in your menu bar, you can do it even quicker! (Learn how to create one here: it will save you time if regularly stream audio to your SoundSticks between different devices).

Controlling SoundSticks from menu bar with a Bluetooth shortcut which make streaming audio easier.
It’s’ a good idea to put a Bluetooth shortcut in your menu bar to manage your SoundSticks.

Now, on your iPad, go to Settings, Bluetooth and flip the button to turn it on and it will start to look for discoverable devices. If it can’t find your SoundSticks, turn them off and on again. When it discovers them, tap their name to select and connect them. This will only take a few seconds (but if you’re using a non-Apple tablet you may be asked to enter a four digit code – which is usually, by default, 0000).

iPad pairing with Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless.
When Bluetooth’s turned on, your iPad it will search for things to pair with; in this case your SoundSticks.

You’ll only have to do this pairing once, then you’re ready to go and can control your SoundSticks from your iPad. Next time you turn on Bluetooth your SoundSticks will automatically appear in the devices list and you can just click them to connect and stream audio to your SoundSticks again.

SoundSticks available for connection through Bluetooth Settings. You're ready to stream audio!
Once paired, SoundSticks are available to be connected each time  you turn on Bluetooth via Settings.

Bear in mind that your volume controls on your SoundSticks will still work perfectly well but you won’t be able to adjust the volume from your Mac’s keyboard. Why would you want to? You’re probably going to relax on the sofa and you can control the volume from your iPad, of course.

When you’ve finished streaming stuff from your iPad to your SoundSticks and want to return to using them with your Mac, simply turn off Bluetooth on your iPad and reconnect the SoundSticks via your Bluetooth Preferences on your Mac (or using the shortcut on the menu bar that I suggested your create earlier! I told you it would come in handy!).

I hope you enjoy wandering around the house surprising people by streaming audio through your SoundSticks when they thought you were in bed or in the bathroom. 🙂

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