Chirpy, chirpy, cheep cheep (Chirp!)…

Chirp! splash screen.
Updated: 12th August 2014

iSpiny now have Chirp in different flavours - to help you learn about birds from the USA, Canada and the Netherlands as well as Britain and Western Europe. In addition, they also have a ‘Birds of Britain Field Guide’, ‘Animal Sounds of the World’ as well as ‘Butterflies of Britain and Western Europe’ amongst other things. All available from the iTunes Store. Great for nature lovers like me. :-)

When you first fire up Chirp! your location is checked and the correct bird data for your region is loaded. There are several ways to learn about the birds and their habitats and song. Familiarise yourself with the help of beautiful photos, high quality sound, and a slideshow which allows you to choose which birds you want to appear and for how long. This is a really good way of learning to differentiate between birds with similar songs, or ones you’re having difficulty with. I use it to try to identify shy birds I hear when I’m out walking but don’t manage to catch a glimpse of.

Still of Chirp! Slideshow on iPhone
The elegant slideshow where birds ‘fly’ in, sing a bit and ‘fly’ out again…

What I really love about Chirp! is the challenges. You’re shown pictures and played birdsong and you have to identify which bird is singing. The faster you do it, the more you score. You can tailor the quiz to your needs, for example by selecting to be quizzed only on the birds you don’t recognise easily, and beginners and kids can have fewer birds. It really does get rather addictive, and it’s surprising how quickly you learn. I’ve found that now, when I’m in my garden, I unconsciously recognise more birds singing around me, even if I can’t see the feathered little darlings.

The Chirp! quiz screen.
Choose a quiz to suit your level. You’ll be surprised how quickly you progress!

Chirp! is a lot of fun if, like me, you love birdies. Being in England, I use a localised version, but if you’re in the US or Canada there’s a Chirp! availabe for you, too. There is also a version going cheap (that’s iSpiny’s joke, not mine – but I like their style!); a free version with less birds so you can try it before you buy it. But believe me, it’s well worth getting the full version right away.

Using Chirp! in landscape mode.
In landscape view, tap the bird and it rotates to show you information about its song.

Incidentally, if you’re using Chirp on an iPhone 6 + you’ll get more out of it if you turn it to the landscape position, as I have for this post.

Using Chirp in portrait mode is not quite the same.
Naturally, in portrait mode, the information is presented slightly differently.

I love Chirp!; it always leaves me smiling. Especially when my doggie, Loulou the Jack Russellosaurus, goes off around the house looking for birds, the silly sausage. Which is why iSpiny warn you that this app is not for use outside; the calls can upset and confuse real birds – especially in the mating season.

Chirp! is available for iPhone and iPad and is available at the App Store for £2.99/$3.99.

That’s all for now. Must fly! Don’t forget to Tweet this! 🙂

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