iPhone 6 Plus Silicone Case – Is it worth the money?

Apple's silicone case for iPhone 6 Plus in an array of colours
Updated: 10th January 2017

10/01/17 I've had this case for 2 years now and although it's not as pure white as it first was, it's still going strong and doing its job beautifully. Actually, I have now bought another silicone case to compensate for the fact that I can't justify an iPhone 7. It's in one of the newer Apple colours (a sort of lilac-grey). My mother used to tell me to have at least two of everything: one on and one in the wash. :-)

I’ve never bought an Apple case for any of my iPhones so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered an iPhone 6 plus silicone case. There just weren’t any alternatives to the Apple cases available at the time but, of course, I wanted one right away to protect my new baby as soon as it was out of its box. I like using my iPhone ‘naked’ because it looks and feels so beautiful, but there are times when it’s wise to use a case!

iPhone 6 plus silicone case in white, containing iPhone.
Everything’s all white… Apple iPhone 6 + snug as a bug in a rug in an its silicone case.

The iPhone 6 plus silicone case is beautifully made and fits my iPhone like a glove. It feels tactile and pleasing in one’s hand and – crucially – makes the phone much less slippery. My white case looks extremely cool (pun intended) on the silver/white phone and it doesn’t show fingerprints. However, if you’ve got dirty hands, a quick wipe with a damp cloth removes all but the most stubborn marks.

The inside of the case is very soft – unlike some cases. It feels like it would not only protect the phone from scratches, but would to some extent reduce impact should you drop your phone. Which, of course, you shouldn’t! The case protects your phone if you place it face-down, as it has a slight overlap. The volume and (On/Off) Sleep/Wake buttons are stylishly encased in silicone. There’s no extra effort needed to press them, though.

Back of Apple's silicone case in pink, showing the Apple logo.
The only thing on the back of the case is the iconic Apple logo.

One of the things I love most about my iPhone 6 plus silicone case is it’s stylishly debossed  logo. So many cases sport multiple ugly branding and logos…

Of course this is not a heavy duty case; I’d go for something with a front cover if I were climbing Mount Everest. But for everyday use it’s sleek and strong enough and I’m glad, now, that nothing else was available when I bought it. Apple Silicone iPhone Plus case is £29.99.

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