Stocks app: How to delete it!

Stocks app banished to a far off screen.

The Stocks app has come as part of iPhone’s iOS from the early days. I wrote a post in November 2014 grumbling about the fact that it’s not deletable. Lots of people don’t use it and want it gone since it takes up valuable screen space. And anyway, it’s your phone and you should be able to make it disappear if you wish. It’s not as if you’re asking to get rid of System or something crucial…

One of the first things I check whenever I get the latest iOS upgrade is if Apple has listened to feedback on this so that I can finally nuke the Stocks app permanently. Alas it seems that Apple still feels that it’s got to stay just where it is. Or, rather, where we choose to drag it (in my case into a folder on the furthest screen from Home). Hopefully, one fine day, I’ll just be able to make the Stock app wiggle and zap it, laughing hysterically with glee, as it disappears from my life forever. I live in hope.

I discovered today, though, that there is a way of getting rid of the Stocks app (not totally permanently, but until you restart your phone) so I’m sharing it with you. Don’t get confused about the guy in the article talking about ‘stock apps’ when I’m talking about the Stocks app. He just means all the apps that are part of the iOS  and which Apple won’t let you delete ordinarily (such as Clock, FaceTime, Messages. This technique works for all of those apps (like Clock, FaceTime, Messages, Photos etc.). If you delete something and then think “Oh no, what have I done?”, just restart and the app will reappear. Personally I’d not get rid of anything except Stocks and, perhaps, the Apple Watch app. If your phone restarts you will have to remove the Stocks app again the same way but, hey, it’s better than nothing!

It’s not the perfect solution, but I’ve done it and the Stocks app has finally gone away. I’m feeling rather pleased that I found the article that helped me to do it. You can find it here.

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