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Apple Music: I can’t sign up for an account!I

Apple Music black and white logo

Apple Music was  launched today after what has seemed like a long wait since we first heard it was in development. But does it live up to expectations? Was all the hype true? Does Music really knock spots off of Spotify?

I’m afraid I have no idea! After I tapped the new Music icon that appeared on my iPad’s home screen (after I updated to iOS 8.4), a message appeared stating my iTunes Match subscription had expired. Then came an invitation to renew it. I declined. Continuing onward, I attempted to subscribe to the three-month free trial, but my excitement was thwarted when I got a rather unwelcoming and annoying message telling me there was a problem with signing me up which would be fixed “in a few days”.

Apple Music error message

If you’ve previously subscribed to iTunes Match you may have problems signing-up for Apple Music/

Feeling rather rudely rebuffed, I searched to see if there were others in the same boat as me or if my paranoid feeling of inadequacy are, in fact, correct, and the Apple bouncers are against me.

It appears that I’m not the only one… Lots of people are having the very same problem and it appears that there is some kind of technical issue with joining Music if you formerly had iTunes Match and cancelled your subscription. Everyone else can join with no problems.

sWell, Apple, that’s just not good enough! Alienating your enthusiastic and curious customers and making them feel left out of an exciting launch is really not cricket! Buggy new releases are not unknown of course,  but this really is too much. When will Apple take to get this sorted? Will they will make an announcement when it is?. I’m not holding my breath…


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