Apple Watch app can’t be removed!

The Apple Watch App open and ready to pair with an Apple Watch.
Updated: 30th September 2018

Apple has now, thank goodness, made it possible to delete the Apple Watch app from your iPhone, along with Stocks, and other annoying stuff you might not want. You have to have iOS 12 or later, however. See the list here:

iOS 8.2’s release was announced today at the Apple ‘Spring forward’ Special Event. The upgrade is available from today and includes support for Apple Watch, improvements to the Health app, increased stability and bug fixes. Nothing marvellously spectacular; as we all know, the more crucial update – iOS 8.3 – is in the pipeline and won’t be available for a while yet. Nevertheless, the update is good to have. Or is it?

I’ve just installed iOS 8.2 on our iPhones and iPads and lo and behold there is the new Apple Watch app icon sitting on our Home screens. I tapped it curiously to find out what it does. It bade me good afternoon and invited me to pair my Apple Watch (if I have one). But, like most of the planet, I don’t have one and probably won’t in the near future. Thus I wiggled my icons in an attempt to remove the app from my phone. Guess what? Nothing doing: no little ‘x’ to tap to send it on its way. So, just like the Stocks app, we’re stuck with the Apple Watch app whether we like it or not. And I don’t…

The Apple Watch app open and ready to pair with an Apple Watch.
You can pair an Apple Watch with you iPhone from today. Except that none of us has one…

I’m really seriously annoyed. I already found the omnipresent nature of the Stocks app highly irritating and now I’ve got another app I don’t want. This is at worst a blatant attempt at seduction by Apple, and at best an annoying, constant advertisement. I paid a lot of money for my phone and I ought not to be forced to have it clogged up with stuff that’s useless to me that’s thrust upon me against my will. I shall be totally exasperated if this is not fixed in iOS 8.3. I wonder why the Apple team can’t see how this could make people feel manipulated and rather cross. I’m sure the Apple Watch app is fabulously exciting and useful, but NOT if you don’t have an Apple Watch!

What do you think?

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