Apple Watch is here!

The Apple Watch shown in both sizes.
Updated: 1st January 2019

Well, I still haven't got an Apple Watch... Sadly, Santa didn't bring me one, but nevertheless I manage to get by. :-) Maybe some day, who knows.

Today, as predicted, Apple announced that Apple Watch is here! The much-anticipated and discussed device was launched at today’s Special Event (‘Spring forward’) which finished fifteen minutes ago. It’s always an anti-climax for me when the invitees start getting up to go off and try out the beautiful, innovative new stuff that’s just been demonstrated onstage, leaving me watching them on my screen (which then, rather curtly, goes blank without so much as a “That’s all, folks!”).

Apple Watch Sport shown in both sizes with white bands.
Watch Sport showing two of the many faces available to suit different tastes.

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes (38mm & 42mm – that’s 1.5 inches and 1.7 inches) and three versions: Apple Watch Sport (aluminium), Apple Watch (stainless steel) and the limited edition Apple Watch Edition (18 carat yellow or rose gold).

The Apple Watch Sport – the most affordable model – costs $349 – $399 (depending on size) and comes with a rubber band in 5 bright colours.

The Apple Watch shown in both sizes with black bands.
The slightly more expensive Apple Watch in shiny stainless steel looks good dressed in black.

The Apple Watch is priced at $549 – $1099, depending on size and your choice of strap, of which there are many, from leather to bracelet. (Incidentally, some of the watch bands can be bought separately so you can mix and match to suit your mood or outfit).

Apple Watch Edition in both sizes with black band.
Apple Watch Edition in yellow 18 carat gold, all dressed in black.

The Apple Watch Edition will set you back at least cool $10,000 (that’s the ‘cheapest’ Edition). Phew! Not exactly a “his & hers” buy for the majority of us. But, actually, I prefer the stainless steel (honest! I’d be nervous about venturing out of the house with the gold one if I could afford it. Actually even if I could afford one I wouldn’t buy one as I’m not into that status symbol stuff).

All three Apple Watch versions will be available for preview and pre-order at your local Apple Store from April 10th (displayed in some specially designed cabinets), and will be shipping from April 24th. You need an iPhone to work with the Apple Watch and for me I’m quite happy with just having an iPhone! I don’t think I’m alone in wondering why I would also want an Apple Watch, but I do think they are probably going to appeal mostly to sporty people, which is why Apple featured Christy Turlington Burns training for a marathon in the event. I’m also not sure I want my watch tapping my wrist to alert me to certain things. There are times when I just want to be left in peace…

I’ll be writing more about Apple Watch soon!

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