Apple Watch launch to be announced today

Ad for Apples Special Event, 'Spring forward'.

There has been considerable excitement in the run up to Apple’s ‘Spring forward’ event being held today in California. What exciting innovations are Tim Cook, Jony Ive and their faithful entourage about to reveal? There has been much speculation – from the plausible, past the improbable, to the downright impossible…

Nearly everyone agrees, though, that the Apple Watch is about to be officially launched and that this event will furnish us with details and prices and will showcase some of the very best apps developed for the new device. We’re also likely to get notification of the release of iOS 8.2, since it introduces essential support for the Apple Watch – specifically the Apple Watch app.

The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch will probably be launched, in three versions, at today’s event.

But will the Apple Watch steal the show? What about the rumours of an imminent iPad Pro? With iPad sales down, an iPad with a larger screen would surely be a welcome addition to the iPad family. However, savvy sources seem to think that this new model – with a 12.9 inch screen – won’t be coming until November or December. Those more in the know than I are putting their money on a successor to the MacBook Air being revealed today – smaller, lighter, with a better screen and a trackpad you just tap.

A new Apple TV (which has, indeed, been neglected of late) is certainly due, but word on the street is that we won’t be getting news of that today. Nor the TV or music streaming services that we know are in the pipeline.

What we can be one hundred percent sure about is that we’re not going to see the unveiling of the Apple Car. Methinks we’ll have quite a wait for that.

Whatever happens at today’s Special Event (and we’ve only 90 minutes to wait now) it will be delivered – as ever – with the Apple team’s usual charm and aplomb, to a room packed with excitable VIPs. If you weren’t personally invited, you can still join the fun and see the Apple Watch unveiled live at

See you there!

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