Nabokov would have surely preferred Macs


One of my favourite authors is the extraordinary Vladimir Nabokov (1899 – 1977) author, of course, of ‘Lolita’, which brought him fame and fortune but was not, by far, his best work.

Whilst investigating his aversion to Freud recently (something I enthusiastically share), I came across this (on a Nabokovian forum) and, for obvious reasons, it made me smile!

“Twice I approached the cold-hearted altar of Windows. And twice, I was frustrated. Then, a fellow seeker reached out to me and said ‘This is Mac. It is the light and the way. It is the one good interface’.” (David Plotnikoff)

I’m sure Vladimir himself might have had the same opinion had there been Macs (and PCs) in his day. 🙂

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