AppZapper – the uninstaller Apple forgot!

Screenshot showing how AppZapper zaps apps!

Dragging apps you no longer want to the Trash seems like the logical thing to do, doesn’t it? But apps come with associated files – such as preferences and hidden support files – which will get left behind if you don’t use a good uninstaller. True, some apps have dedicated uninstallers of their own (Adobe products, for example). But even these, also, often leave behind files that take up valuable space on your Mac and can cause problems.

When you ask AppZapper to get rid of an app, it searches for all associated files, shows you them, and gets rid of them all unless you specify otherwise. So it’s safe and efficient. And it makes a great zapping noise, too, if you like that sort of thing. If you don’t, you can simply turn it off.

You can put a shortcut to AppZapper in your Dock and drag unwanted apps on it to be nuked (of course you will be shown details and asked to confirm first). Or you can put a shortcut on your Desktop or in your Sidebar and drag things there, too. This makes the whole process of deleting stuff from your Mac a quick, no-nonsense affair. And it’s kind of fun, too.

AppZapper window showing the My Apps feature
Browse your apps by how long you haven’t used them for and get rid of stuff taking up space.

The latest version, AppZapper 2, has cool new features making it even more powerful and efficient than its predecessor. You can now browse every single app on your Mac and decide what you want to get rid of from within AppZapper’s ‘Hit List’ feature. When you select an app to zap you will, as usual, be shown all the associated files that AppZapper intends to eliminate (in a panel at the bottom of the window) before you go ahead and press Z-A-P! And it’s not just apps you can zap with AppZapper. You can select widgets, preference panes and plugins as well. You can browse them by size or how long they haven’t been used for. This is handy for getting rid of stuff you forgot you had and never use, thus freeing up space. As if all that were not enough, there’s another new feature in AppZapper called ‘My Apps’.

AppZapper's My Apps window
Drag your registered apps into the box and click each one to enter registration info for future use.

Whne you an apps you own into My Apps a card is created. When you click it you can enter your licence number and other purchase details, for future reference. Initially I thought this was rather an odd addition to my favourite uninstaller app. I didn’t think I’d have a lot of use for this feature. However, it saved me lots of time searching through old emails and notebooks when I got a new Mac and needed some of my registration details..

My Apps licence window
Click on the app’s icon and it flips to allow you to record vital licence info.

What makes AppZapper stand out from other uninstaller apps is that it’s not just a clever and efficient app; it’s a pleasure. I suggest you go forth and download a trial version (you get 5 free zaps to see what you think) and give it a spin. I’m pretty sure you’ll want to buy it. As the developers say, it’s “the uninstaller Apple forgot”. It is definitely a must-have app that, I wouldn’t be without. And it’s only $12.95!

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