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I like to change my Mac’s wallpaper to match my mood, the weather or the flowers on my desk. Interface Lift (or IFL for short) is my favourite place to go for beautiful photos; contributed by talented photographers they look amazing on my desktop and transport me away from my studio on rainy, dull days. Thanks, guys, for sharing your gorgeous work. I forgive you for making me feel a little inept with my own camera. 🙂

IFL site showing thumbnails of wallpaper available for download.
IFL auto-detects your Mac’s screen size. Just click the button to download a wallpaper.

One way to collect Interface Lift wallpapers for your Mac is to just visit the website – – click Free Wallpaper Downloads at the top right and then browse using the various search tools available. When you find something you fancy simple click the Download button and wait for it to load on your screen – IFL has auto-detected your Mac’s screen resolution for you. Right click on the loaded photo and you have plenty of options including using it immediately as your wallpaper, or saving it to a folder of your choice. This is a good (and free) way to proceed if you only download wallpapers from IFL from time to time.

Right-clicking on downloaded IFL image gives you options to save etc.
Right-clicking images downloaded from IFL presents you with a menu of useful options.

If, like me, you like to have loads, you might find it worth downloading IFL’s app for OS X which puts an icon in your menu bar that lets you know (with a little green dot) when new wallpaper is available and allows you to set selected photos as your wallpaper directly from the menu bar in one step. It also auto-detects your Mac’s screen size and supports multi-monitor setups, among other things. It costs $6, is called Macdrops, and you can grab it here.

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