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Pixelmator (£28.99 – $29.99) is an impressive image editor aimed at amateur and part-time photographers. It’s so good, in fact, that it won the Mac App Store Best App award back in 2011. Here at Master Your Mac we’ve been using it for a lot longer than that, though. As soon as it was released (back in 2007), we got quite excited about it and promptly downloaded it. Did it deliver? Yes, it was just what we had been looking for.

Since those early days the app has gone from strength to strength. Its current incarnation (3.8 – Phoenix) is ideal for people who find Photoshop too complex (and expensive). The app is full-featured but it’s not laden with tools you’ll never use, and it doesn’t have a daunting learning curve, which makes it good for beginners. I don’t see a major switch from Photoshop to Pixelmator though. More advanced users will still need Photoshop to do things that Pixelmator can’t do or can’t do as well.

Perhaps that won’t be the case for much longer, however. Pixelmator Pro, launched in November 2017 is – according to its developers – “a professional image editor that anyone can use”. The Pro app has been completely rewritten from the ground up, has many more features, and its single window (as opposed to Pixelmator’s sometimes awkward floating windows) makes it more straightforward and pleasurable to use.

Pixelmator also comes for iPad and iPhone (see my review for the iPad app here). We love the iPad version because it’s so easy to edit directly on the screen and there’s something fulfilling about using your fingers to sharpen, resize things or remove objects. We haven’t bothered trying the iPhone app but have read that it’s difficult to use because of the limited screen size.

You can get more info on Pixelmator and access a download link from the Mac App Store, here.

Learn about Pixelmator Pro and download a trial copy here.

iPad and iPhone versions (£3.99 – $4.99) can be obtained from the App Store for iOS directly from your device.

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