Master Your Mac testimonials

We don’t really like to brag and post acres of testimonials, but here are a just a few snippets of very nice things that people have said about Master Your Mac, about which we are rather chuffed.

London Genius

Thank you, problem solved!!

I’m a Genius at a London Apple Store and this has been an issue perplexing me personally since the move from Beta…

Mark Weinrib

Wow – thank you SO much. This solved my 4002 error. This error totally stumped the Apple Care phone support.


Jane, you’re a life saver! Not that I found you, I can’t wait to explore your blog. Thank you!!!


About a year ago we gave up on our iMac ever reading a DVD but after seeing your solution we cleaned our machine and sure enough, it works! Thanks for posting such a simple and common-sense technique!


Thank you for the tips. Absolutely perfect and easy to follow.

Jean-Françoise Victor

IEEE’S, it works. At last after hours and hours of desperate attempts. Thank you so much, Jane.


Thank you for the remedy to the Error 4001! It worked!

Gary Eagle

Hello Jane, What a wonderful site you have developed. I think Apple should be envious of your clear and concise explanations of the hidden treasures in OS X.

Mark Mercer

I’m glad this post is still up! It still solves the same problem in 10.9 Mavericks.


Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for this info. This problem has been driving me nuts for months…

Victor Gonzalez

Thank you very much, I’ve solved the problem finally!
¡Gracias resolvi el problema!


Thx for the post, helped fix the issue here!! Great blog! Love from Holland!


Thanks for taking the time to post tips like this… Working for me with latest OS X and iTunes. Much less frustrating to find a GREAT tip at the TOP of a Google search! 🙂


Worked for me. Latest version of iTunes and almost a year after your initial post. Thanks.