OS X / iOS training

At Master Your Mac we enjoy sharing our knowledge to help you enhance your skills. Our OS X / iOS training is tailored to suit each individual’s requirements, so we’ll teach you exactly what you’re eager to learn. We’ll teach you in plain English, providing friendly encouragement, to ensure that you progress at your own pace, with confidence.

OS X one-to-one training

one-to-one training 1

Maybe you’re switching to Mac from Windows or Linux. Perhaps you’re a seasoned user who just wants to get to grips with new features in an OS X upgrade. Whatever you need, Master Your Mac offers one-to-one training on whatever version of OS X you have. Lessons are tailored to your individual requirements and your current experience. We’re here to coach you on all aspects of using OS X itself – using features like Time Machine, for example – as well as OS X’s excellent integrated apps such as Mail, Safari, iTunes and Maps. To learn what you need to at your own pace, get in touch!

iOS one-to-one training

one-to-one training 2

Our one-to-one training is tailored to your unique requirements. Thus you get the right help to enable you to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Learn to master the hidden features that will enhance your iOS experience and discover apps that let you do the things you need to do. We’ll teach you fun things and cool things; we’ll teach you crucial things about synchronising with your Mac, backing up your data and getting the most out of your battery. Whatever you need. Whether it’s your first iPhone/iPad or you’re replacing an older one. Rather than trying to figure it all out for yourself, why not let us help? Get in touch and find out more!